Cast iron (enamelled inside), Stainless Steel Infuser. Hand wash only. Do not use detergent, wipe both the inside and outside of the teapot with a soft dry cloth, after you have rinsed. Do not use on stovetop, dishwasher or microwave.

Inspired by ancient East Asian aesthetics, the Ovela Cast Iron is an eye-catching piece of decor with a functional use for hot beverages.

Perfect tea, every time

With a stainless steel strainer that’s easy to rinse clean, simply place in a heaped teaspoon or two of your favourite loose leaf tea and enjoy a rich flavour that stays hotter for longer in this cast iron pot that retains heat for a perfect brew every time – herbal, black tea or otherwise!

Naturally long lasting

Built from robust cast iron that has been favoured in kitchens and households for many centuries thanks to its strong and long lasting properties, this teapot will serve you for many years to come, and look beautiful while it does.

- Heat-retaining cast iron teapot
- Beautiful, ornamental piece with teal hues
- Stainless steel strainer that’s easy to clean
- Rust-resistant inner black enamel
- Handle stays cool to the touch

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