Add a cup to your daily vitality. Choose from our delicious, subtle or vibrant flavours and aromas for the perfect cup of herbal tea to support your day, whatever time of day it might be!



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From $14.50


Choose your well-being results with natural medicinal tea that can soothe, support and spark your body and mood. Shop your desired feeling and find your favourite flavours.

La Belle Tisane


La Belle Tisane specialises in all-natural, ethically sourced plant teas from all over the world. Our collection is geared towards herbally medicinal infusions to benefit all aspects of your daily and long term health.

We believe that to brew well is to be well.

While it’s easy to brew tea, there is an art to it. In the language of herbalism, all of our teas are infusions or tisanes, which are hot water extractions of herbs. When brewing correctly, you’re getting a complete and balanced extraction to support your health and wellbeing. These practices often improve the taste of the tea and effectiveness of the herbs.




1 - Boil water
2 - Add 1 teaspoon of herbs to your teacup or infuser
3. - Add boiling water to your chosen tea leaves
4 - Cover your tea cup and allow the herbs to steep for 5-10 minutes

Why we cover tea cups: After a few minutes of steeping, the water itself begins to change as the herbal tea infuses into it. Depending on which compounds are first released, the water can become mildly acidic, which in turn promotes the proper release of other components in the steeping herbs. The act of covering your tea ensure a full extraction takes place and that the beneficial essential oils contained in the herbs stay in your cup - not to mention covering your tea keeps it toasty while it steeps. We recommend 5-15 minutes of steeping our tea for full effectiveness and potency for the perfect cup of your chosen infusion.


Steeping your tea with hot water is the quickest way to brew a delicious cup. Here are some guidelines for the best steep time and temperature for various popular teas


Tea Time Temperature
White Tea 4-5 Minutes 175° F (79° C)
Green Tea 3-5 Minutes 175° F (79° C)
Oolong Tea 3-5 Minutes 195° F (91° C)
Black Tea 3-4 Minutes 195° F (91° C)
Dried Herbal Tea 5 to 15 Minutes 212° F (100° C)
Fresh Herbal Tea 5-15 Minutes for Tender Herbs
15-30 Minutes for Chopped or Dry Roots
212° F (100° C)

Frequently Asked Question's

Do you have herbalists on staff?

Currently, La Belle Tisane has a naturopath on staff. A naturopath understands how the body’s systems work, how herbs work within each system and the principles of combining herbs as practised in Traditional Herbal Medicine.

I take medication – could it interact with the herbs in your tea?

We’re glad you’re exploring herbal teas, and you’re wise to be cautious. Some herbs are known to interact with prescription and over the counter medications. Please check our website regarding interactions and cautions, and if you’re taking medication, it’s always a good idea to check in with your doctor or pharmacist before using a herbal tea.

Can I use your teas every day?

We think it’s great that you love our teas, and you want to include them in your daily routine. Some teas should be used daily, while other teas should not. For a few of our teas, we recommend that you take a break every few weeks and then reintroduce the herbs.

Why are long steeping times important?

Simply put, you must brew well to be well. Our herbal blends generally require 5-15 minutes of steeping. This longer steeping time allows for more components in the herbs to be extracted into the tea water.

Why am I supposed to cover the cup?

Using boiling hot water and covering your cup is important to create a proper cup of tea. Covering your cup ensures warmer steeping temperatures which help the herbs infuse well, and it helps ensure that the beneficial essential oils are present in your tea.

Where Does La Belle Tisane source the herbs for its teas?

We source our ingredients from all over the globe, and we strive to source our herbs from the environments that they are native to.

Do any of your products contain artificial or natural flavours?

No – the plants do the talking in our teas. We do not add artificial or natural flavours to any of our products.

Are your teas safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mums?

We know that not all herbs are right for everyone, and pregnancy and nursing require a little extra vigilance. If you’re pregnant or nursing, please be sure to read the website for safety information for pregnant and/or breastfeeding mums. Additionally, as a nursing or expectant mother, we recommend that you check in with your doctor before using any of our teas.