What is constipation?
Constipation occurs when bowel movements become less frequent, and stools become hard and difficult to pass.

What causes constipation?
Constipation can be caused by a variety of things such as stress, changes to your regular routine, dehydration, eating foods low in fibre, holding on when you need to pass a bowel movement, change in diet or it could be symptomatic of underlying medical problems.

How can you treat constipation?
Drinking more water, eating more high-fibre food and getting regular exercise may help to relieve constipation.

Using a natural laxative such as Cascara Sagrada may also help.

Cascara Sagrada (Rhamnus Purshiana) is a shrub native to western North America whose bark is processed for medicinal purposes and is primarily used to treat constipation. The anthraquinones contained in the bark inhibit the absorption of water and electrolytes in the intestines. Because of this, stool volume increases as it absorbs the excess water, which increases pressure within the intestine. This stimulates muscle contractions in the colon (peristalsis), speeding the clearance of the bowel.

As such, Cascara Sagrada is considered a stimulant laxative alongside other natural laxatives like aloe vera and senna. Unlike these counterparts, the effect of Cascara Sagrada tends to be gentler, resulting in fewer loose or watery stools. Cascara Sagrada also works differently than demulcent laxatives like psyllium, which creates a gel-like substance that helps ease stool from the bowels.

La Belle Tisane has Cascara Sagrada available in tea form.

Directions for using Cascara Sagrada Tea as a Natural Laxative
Put one teaspoon of La Belle Tisane’s Cascara Sagrada tea into a cup of boiling water or an infuser.  Let it brew for 15 to 30 minutes.  The best time to have Cascara Sagrada tea is in the evening.  Generally speaking, Cascara Sagrada will induce a bowel movement within eight to 12 hours of taking a dose.

Cascara Sagrada is intended for short-term use only, never exceed the dosage listed on the label and use for up to 3 days only. If you experience chronic constipation, seek medical advice.